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Old 06-15-2017, 02:18 AM
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Default A Prickly Question

Hi Everyone,

Sorry, this is going to be long.

While I have just started with NS, and find it quite good, especially for the price, I do wonder though, what's the point of me trying to get the best possible accuracy and the best-looking score if no one is going to look at it or play it?

I know it's an age-old question, but it's one that still has not, and maybe, cannot be answered. What do you say?

I've been creating piano and ensemble music for 40-years. I've spent most of my adult life training, playing and composing. I have over 16 albums of music. I've spent almost my life-savings on music and teachers, and almost all my free time.

I can't say I enjoy making music like I do a loving partner, or a good book, a play or a concert, but I still do it. I am hooked and can't stop doing it; Iím not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing, I just keep doing it.

But, almost no one ever listens to or buys any of my music, even though I have been putting my music out there since the internet hit us. So I have to draw the conclusion that the type of music that I make is not what people want to hear. Even though, it's not too dissimilar to what you can hear on the radio or buy in record shops. (Sorry, Iím old, in online music distributors)

I know there is many a composer in their graves who went there without ever hearing their music played, and it looks like Iím destined to join their ranks. I imagine, there are a lot like me in the same boat today.

Now, this is not just a rant, but also a suggestion. What do you think of the proposal that artists who cannot get their music heard, bought or played, create a group who buy, support and play each otherís music? So, a group of composers who support composers. At least, we will have some audience in place of none. This could add so many dimensions to a composerís ability to keep creating and grow from that support, while actually getting your music heard.

Personally, I would not care if I never made one cent from music, but the very minimum I want is for it to be heard and appreciated.

Do you think something like that could work?


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