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Old 10-27-2009, 08:05 AM
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Default Re: Easy piano piece - Annen Polka

Howdy MG,

Originally Posted by mgj32 View Post
I've heard this a dozen times, probably at pops concerts or recordings make by pops orchestras, but never knew the name.
Same here - Mahala told me the name of the piece so I could find it

Two observations about the "easy" piano reduction. First, I'd give a lot to still have fingers nimble enough to play those 32nd note trills with more than fingers 2 and 3. Second, in one of the last measures there is a chord that would take a pretty big hand. The lower note is two A's below middle c and the top on is F# above middle c. Unless Mahala has grown a lot recently, I'd just move the F# down an octave. I tried it and it sounded okay to me.
Thanks for catching that one in the uploaded score. I actually had changed that in the score I printed for Mahala (there were a lot of those that had to be changed), but I had saved the final version in a different folder. Ooops!!

Doggy-gone it, the lyrics sound like they might be fun.
They are
Be a good doggie, good doggie now Rover
Be a good doggie now Rover roll over
Come on now Rover, come on roll over, come on roll over, Rover boy

Rover I think youíre not even trying.
Any dog can do this, Iím not lying.
I donít know why you are not complying,
But Iím gonna give you one more chance.
(lyrics by Richard Perlmutter)
Actually all the lyrics in the "Beethoven's Wig" series are not only hysterically funny, but often tell something about the composer and/or the piece. (You can find the website at Of course some of them are just plain fun (like Rover), but I have only one problem - I now hear the lyrics in my head whenever I hear the song performed. However, I'll take that, because I also hear my kids humming these classical tunes throughout the day, and generally on pitch to boot. Not a bad trade off at all

Music is to the soul like water is to green growing things.
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