Recording from a Music Keyboard

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Recording from a Music Keyboard

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With Composer, you can record music live from your music keyboard. By "music keyboard", we mean a MIDI keyboard, or any MIDI input device such as a MIDI guitar.

If you have good keyboard skills, you can record directly from your keyboard with one or two hands at a comfortable tempo.

You can alternatively use your music keyboard to enter notes via the Step-Time Recording Method. With the Step-Time Recording Method, you can enter notes at your own pace without regard to rhythms or tempo. The rhythms of the notes that you enter in step-time will be determined by where you point the mouse before you play the notes on the keyboard.

The topics that follow describe various procedures for recording in step-time or real-time from your music keyboard:

B816Setting Up Your Music Keyboard
B816Recording in Step-Time
B816Setting the Tempo for Real-Time Recording with a Metronome
B816Setting Up Pickup Beats
B816Setting the Instrument Sound for Recording
B816Setting Up Transcription Options for Recording
B816Recording Without Using the Metronome
B816Starting and Ending the First Recording
B816Recording Into a Selected Region (Punch-In)
B816Recording from a Keyboard with One or Two Hands
B816Recording Multiple Alternative "Takes"
B816Recovering an Interrupted Recording
B816Cleaning up the Performance or Notation after a Recording

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