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Old 01-25-2009, 09:42 PM
Lawrence (lak)
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Default Suddenly developed wrong drum sound

After using the Notation Musician without problems for weeks in a new laptop, it suddenly developed the same frustrating problem I described in a post before:

Basically, all the drums sounds are wrong when using my Yamaha as MIDI output device.

I am using Yamaha DGX-630 with their latest USB-midi driver 3.0.3.; and instrument definition file from The problem I had before in my old laptop was never solved without time consuming work around. I basically gave up on it as I was planning to get a new laptop.

I was relieved when everything worked as expected after installing in the new laptop. All the sounds were correct without manual adjustment for dozens of midis I used.

Then one day, after loading a new midi, the drum sounds came out wrong. "O-oh, not again!", I thought. And now, ALL the midis which worked perfectly just a day ago, would give wrong drum sounds. In the mean time, my other software such as One Man Band continued to work fine. This time, I was sure that I did not install any new programs or make any system changes. So the very same midi files which worked perfectly before would now give wrong drum sound.

Here are the things I have tried:
- remove midi device, delete mididev.cfg, and redo the midi device setup, re-import ins file.
- uninstall Yamaha USB-midi device driver, and re-install.
- uninstall Notation Musician, delete all the registries with RegEdit, delete Notation directories in Users/Public folder; and then re-install. (The uninstall did pop up an error about "shfolder.dll", not sure if that would prevent a clean uninstall).

Still, I cannot get the drum sound correct. Sometimes, manually reassigning the instrument bank would make it work (and it does not work in some cases). But this should not be necessary in the first place. And some of my more complex midis have close to 30 staffs, and it is very time consuming to manually adjust them.

I would really appreciate any pointers. TIA.

My System:
Lenovo Thinkpad X61s, Vista Business 32 bit, 3GB RAM
Yamaha DGX-630
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