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Old 07-20-2010, 01:23 AM
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Default Out of This World

Out of This World was written by Harold Arlen in 1945. This copy of my attached score was written in November, 1963. It was my fourth for this setting, i.e., jazz band w/strings, woodwinds and harp.

I did make some minor changes from the original, but for the most part, it stands as written.

The sections at Rehearsal Marks 5 and 7 are intended to be ad-lib solos by piano and trumpet, respectively. I have included the melody line in Section 5, so there won't be just background accompaniment during playback. Some Forum members have expressed interest in "playing along with the score", so they can simply delete the melody lines in those sections and have at it.

Section 7, however, was designed to be repeated a number of times, with the Control Booth in charge of fading to silence. I've included a rudimentary "ad-lib" solo for the trumpet, to fill the space. An aspiring soloist could delete the trumpet line and join in on the ending. The chord symbols shown are in the trumpet player's key.

As in my previous scores in this Forum, the clarinets have separate staves, whereas in reality, they would have been copied out on the saxophone parts for this instrumentation.

As mentioned before, our scores for the Band were handed in transposed, so the copyists didn't have to do the transposition while creating the parts, but I prefer to view them in concert to better visualize the voicings, so I've left the score in concert.

I've tried several new effects (to me) in Notation Composer, in an attempt to make the performance more like "live music". The first effect is in the intro, where I try to simulate a sforzando piano (sfzp), followed by a crescendo. This is intended to be a forte attack with an immediate diminuendo, followed by a gradual crescendo. I'm not certain if there's a better way to do this. Perhaps it needs a little more tweaking, but I'm satisfied with the effect for midi music.

The second effect is the "swallow", used in measures 2 and 4 of the piano solo in Section 5. In the saxophones, the second note in both measures (measures 82 & 84) is at a lower note velocity than the other three. A live horn player would do this as second nature to emphasize the phrase and the swing feeling. In scoring on paper, these notes would be within a set of parentheses to indicate a "swallow", but I don't think Notation has a means for me to show this.

The drum fill in measures 113, beats 3 & 4, & 114, beat 1, should all look alike. I couldn't get the grace note to work in measure 114.

This was my first score using vibraphones. I think that because I was forced to use the same channel as the harp, both instruments suffer in the midi version, but it was the best alternative for me at the time. With a group this large, midi channels are at a premium.

Again, hopefully you have a good midi instrument to export this to for sampling.

I hope you find some benefit in seeing/hearing this piece.

Ralph Rayner
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