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Old 01-08-2015, 01:03 PM
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Question Piano's pedal & Notation Software Usage.

I have a technical question abut the way Notation Software works I think...

First of all, thank you to the person who got my repeats in order for this song. Secondly I had a happy accident. (Don't you just love when you have those?)

Anyway, the song in question was re-recorded by me because I was playing around with different sounds and found something better. I had decided I would use a metronome to get the tempo perfect.
As I was recording, listening to the beat it made, I was thinking drums might go well with this piece. So I found some drums on my board that worked really well.

I recorded the drums separately and put them all together. This is where I noticed the timing was off just wee but noticeable. (I listen to my work before publishing a ton to make sure it's absolutely perfect.) So I thought maybe if I recorded a short bit of it just to get the instruments down, save to midi, then uploaded to Notation for final editing, consisting of removing the notes recorded with ones written; I would know it was absolutely perfect in tempo.

My problem is this: I am really heavy on the sustain pedal for most of my music; I.E. I hold it down throughout the whole song. When I type the notes in manually it never sounds the same. I think Notation calls this "the piano roll". I have never been really good at using this, and want to.
I don't want someone to do this for me. (I've had too much help for one day!) I just need to know how the piano roll works and how to get it to sound as if I'm holding the sustain pedal through out the whole song. I've tried messing with the piano roll before, to no avail .

Thank you!
James R.
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