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Old 01-13-2010, 09:57 PM
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Default Eliminating Time Signature from Upbeat Measure

Greetings -
I'll try this, again, since it appears that it did not 'take' the first time.

I am working on pieces that have an upbeat measure. Most also have a repeat for the first half and another for the second half. So there is an upbeat measure at the beginning and one near the middle (first part of the second half).

I tried to follow the instructions for this closely since it is fairly complicated (for me). Most of the time it worked out OK, but there are 3 instances where it did not - a time signature was still left over that I could not "hide".

So on the first instance that I tried to correct (where the unwanted time signature is in the last measure of the piece), I Inserted a measure at the end having the time value of the upbeat measure (1 beat - 1/4; the last measure of the piece has 3 beats and has an unwanted "3/4" at the beginning of the measure that will not Hide). So I renamed the time signature to 4/4. Then I Deleted the 1 beat measure at the end (that I added) and highlighted the 4/4 time signature. I got the dialog box (where the Split Measure was already checked) and I checked the Upbeat box and Hide box and pressed OK. The "4/4" disappeared (as I hoped it would). I did some things with Formatting, so I came back to this page several times and the "4/4" was always absent. I Saved the file.

Now, here's the problem. I went to Print the piece. Still no "4/4". When the piece was loaded into the printer (and the printer started printing a couple of seconds later) the "4/4" came back into the measure and the printer printed it.

I went back to the measure 3 more times and successfully Hid the "4/4" each time. But every time I tried to print it, the "4/4" reappeared every time the piece was loaded to the printer. So the "4/4" was absent all of the time (after I got rid of it) up until I made all of the print commands, and pressed Print. Then a couple of seconds goes by, then the piece is loaded to the printer. At that point, the "4/4" reappears and is printed.

So, what is going on, here, and how can I get rid of this "4/4" in the last measure? (All other places where the instructions were followed look like they are supposed to). What was originally in the last measure (what I wanted to fix) was the remnant "3/4" from when I originally tried to do the whole upbeat measure/repeat thang (I'm from Texas).

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