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Old 09-04-2009, 07:24 AM
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Default Set Staff Control enabled as default

Hi, I am using Composer 2.5.2 and I mainly use Window View, there does not appear to be a way to have staff control stay selected. If I work on a tune I
have to activate staff control by using the mouse to enter the View Tab or
type " qssc " once staff control is available I can do my work, after I then
save my work then open another file, staff control has to be activated all over again. This is a mystery as all of the other choices under View, remain
Ticked. Thanks Tony.
Additional INFO.
I thought my "staff controls", " Window View" problem would be something that I have overlooked but I think it is
a program problem. To check that my install of
Composer was OK I installed 2.5.2 on my spare Xp computer but got the same results.
So that you can reproduce it, I will list all:-
* Start with a 3 part stave, I arrange a Lot of
marimba music, so would have the song file in a sub-folder in "songs" the objective is to have this as the master of the song but from this, create individual "easy note parts" for learning.

Individual Easy Note parts can be created direct
from the 3 part stave but are only suitable for
printing, when they are played the audio is the complete 3 parts together.

As soon as easy-notes is activated "staff controls" is lost from the view tab.
My work-around is to create my individual parts
from the 3 part stave by saving the part I want but deleting the other 2 after selecting with
"staff controls", the save at this pont must be only as a normal staff. Then after the individual
parts exist, I can convert them to "Easy Notes".
With the running of Easy-Notes the "staff Controls" will be Killed in "View" but I don't need them until the next project.
"Easy Notes" produced in this way will be fully
functional and playable, even if the "staff Controls" are reactivated in the easy-note part it behaves as normal, a mystery! Thanks Tony.

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