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Old 03-24-2005, 12:13 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Good news for MidiNotate users

Good news for MidiNotate users!

There will be a free MidiNotate Player. This will allow anyone to see, print, and play your NoteSoft .not files, exactly as you prepared them in MidiNotate Musician, Composer, or Composer Pro. It will show all of the symbols you added to the score, such as accents, dynamic marks, and slurs. If you prepare the .not file with multiple parts, all of the parts will be viewable and printable by MidiNotate Player. You will be permitted to host the MidiNotate Player at your web site. Or, you can direct visitors to Notation Software's web site to download the MidiNotate Player.

The MidiNotate Player also converts MIDI files to sheet music that can be viewed on the screen, played, and printed. This is the same key feature that is offered in all of the MidiNotate products; yet it is free. There is no restriction in the quality of the transcription, the transcription options, the size of the MIDI file, the number pages printed, etc., and there is no trial period. The MidiNotate Player is simply free.

MidiNotate Player does not include most of the editing features in MidiNotate Musician and Composer. But it has no restrictions in its capabilities of viewing, displaying, and printing both NoteSoft .not files and MIDI .mid files (as well as Karaoke .kar files). The idea here, of course, is to give folk a taste of MidiNotate, with the hope that some of them will decide to purchase one of the MidiNotate products.

You can download the first beta release of the MidiNotate Player product at the following web page:

IMPORTANT: Before installing MidiNotate Player, make a backup copy of the file \Program Files\MidiNotate\MidiDev.cfg The MidiNotate Player program might disrupt the MIDI Device Configuration used by MidiNotate Musician, Composer, or Composer Pro, causing a failure of these other MidiNotate programs upon opening a file. If that happens, you should restore the MidiDev.cfg file that you have backed up.

Unlike the final release of MidiNotate Player, beta releases of MidiNotate Player cannot be redistributed. The main reason for this restriction is simply that I do not want a not fully tested pre-release version of MidiNotate Player to start spreading across the Internet.

The help file (MNPlayer.chm) for MidiNotate Player has not been prepared yet. The icon will be installed, but will link to a non-existant file.

I'm working on trimming down the size of the MidiNotatePlayerSetup.exe file, which is current 4.0Mb. By the time I add the help file, but also further trim down the size of the executable, I suspect that the final size will be about 4.0Mb. That's bigger than I would like, but MidiNotate Player does a lot of work transcribing MIDI files, and also displaying the full variety of music symbols that you can edit with MidiNotate Composer.

Please let me know what you think of MidiNotate Player. Let me know if you think some of MidiNotate Musician's features should be added to or removed from MidiNotate Player.

Clyde, are you out there? You should like this announcement, as you have been asking for this free player/viewer.

-- Mark

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