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Old 08-10-2005, 02:58 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default The fourth beta release of Com

The fourth beta release of Composer version 1.1 is now available at

There were too many changes between beta release #3 and #4 for it to be safe for me to release the final version of Composer 1.1 without letting you all have a chance to try it out.

Here is a list of the bugs and enhancements in beta release #4:
  1. Playback: Sometimes playback would happen in bursts if the song had a mixture of tempo changes and repeats. The green playback position arrow was displayed in the wrong vertical position if the page was scrolled down
  2. Play/mute: New option. While holding down the SHIFT key, click any play/mute staff control button to turn on playback for all staves, and to turn off solo for all staves.
  3. Save As MIDI File: The tempo was incorrectly saved in the MIDI file. The order of staves was sometimes changed in the saved MIDI file. There is now a warning if the maximum of 16 channels in a MIDI file is exceeded
  4. Copy/paste: If a region that does not start at the beginning of a measure is copied to the clipboard and then pasted somewhere, the clef and key signature of the first destination measure was incorrectly changed to treble clef and no sharps or flats.

-- Mark

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