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Old 11-02-2005, 11:35 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello MidiNotate Composer and

Hello MidiNotate Composer and Musician Users,

Maintenance Release Version 1.1.6 of MidiNotate Composer and MidiNotate Musician has been released. If you are using one of the versions 1.1.2 to 1.1.5, you can update to version 1.1.6 quickly using a patch. If you are using a version prior to 1.1.2, you can download an entire new copy of the software. For instructions, please visit or

The fixes and improvements in version 1.1.6 are:
  • Transcription Options. A new "Syncopation" rhythm style has been added to the list of "Standard" and "Swing" rhythm styles. You should use the Syncopation rhythm style for precise syncopated rhythms, such as in ragtime or funk music.
  • Playback. (1) If a MIDI file has SysEx commands in it, then on certain devices, such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, playback was disrupted or silenced. (2) If playback is started after a repeat or branch (such as D.S.) in the score, then the repeats were somethings not correctly played.
  • Automatic Engraving. In a 4:4 meter, MidiNotate sometimes inappropriately split a dotted quarter note into a quarter note tied to an eighth note or eighth note tied to a quarter note.
  • Dynamic Marks. There is a new option in the Lines palette and menu to lock a dotted line to the vertical positions of a pair of dynamic marks, such as in "cresc......f". Also, a dynamic mark above the staff is now placed closer to the staff; it was too high.
  • Lines and Glissandos. The Lines and Shapes palette was missing in MidiNotate Musician.
  • Parts. The Add Part command in the Part menu has been renamed to Extract One Part From One Or More Staves. The new command name better describes the command; the old name was confusing.
  • Prepare Fake Book command and Split Melody and Accompaniment command. These commands failed if the original score had a note that tied across a barline and that note switched voices between single, upper, or lower voice.
  • Merge Staves. If 1-line drum staves were merge, the lines of the resulting 5-line drum staff were missing.
  • Exiting MidiNotate. On some Windows 98SE systems, MidiNotate would display a harmless, but scary "blue screen" upon exiting.
  • Setup. If the Setup program attempted to update MidiNotate after MidiNotate had been previously run, then the next time MidiNotate was run, the music notation might not be correctly displayed or not displayed at all, if all these activities took place in the same Windows session.
-- Mark

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