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Old 10-30-2006, 09:17 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Composer beta release version

Composer beta release version 1.9.13 is now available at:

If you are using any prior version of Composer, it will be necessary for you to download and install version 1.9.13.

This 1.9.13 version introduces some major improvements to the usability of Composer's parts and staff setup feature.

Here's a summary of the enhancements and bug fixes in version 1.9.13:

Parts and Staff Setup. Major usability improvement: You can now selected a part from a dropdown list in the main menu. The Part / Define Parts dialog box is now more intuitive. The Staff / Staff Setup window has added back a Show (staff) checkmark, equivalent to (but the reverse of) the Hide checkmark that was in Composer 1.x. A new view-only "In Part" checkmark indicates whether the staff belongs to the current part. The Staff Setup window has a new open for selecting the current part.

All of the above changes are intended to make more clear the relationship between staves and parts. A part simply defines a particular collection of staves. For example, an oboe part has just one oboe staff; a piano part has a right- and left-hand pair of staves; and the conductor's score (also considered to be a part) includes all of the staves.

Note editing. Fix bugs: Attempt to change the accidental of a note by typing a shortcut, such as '#' or 'b' for sharp or flat, sometimes did not work correctly if the instrument were transposed. Changing the pitch of a note with Ctrl+Up/Down correctly skipped past another note in the same chord, but then the selection of the note was disrupted.

Ornaments. Fix bugs: The ornament palette buttons for as-performed note duration did not work, and were missing help tips.

Playback. Fix bug: Playback failed if a barline were selected at the time playback was attempted.

Meter (time signature). Fix bug: In certain cases, an meter was incorrectly displayed in a measure preceding the one where you changed a barline or made certain other types of notation changes.

Clipboard. Fix bug: The Edit / Paste Special / Paste As Extra Measures did not work.

New Song Wizard. Fix bugs: If you used the Staff Setup option during the first step of the New Song Wizard, that disrupted the placement of the Staff Setup dialog box when you subsequently used the Staff Setup command in the Staff menu. In the first step of New Song Wizard the Enter key did not correctly advance to the second step.

MusicXML. The File / Export MusicXML command has now been integrated into the File / Save As command, where you select MusicXML (.xml) as the save-as file type. Support has been added for exporting tempo changes.

Measures. Fix bug: the Measure / Measure Numbers / First Measure option did not have any effect.

Miscellaneous user interface details. Add a new Edit / Select All command (Ctrl+A), which is also available in the Region menu. Fix bugs: Various palette buttons flickered, particularly those in the Barline Palette. The View / Status Bar command didn't toggle the checkmark even though the command itself worked. A switch from Layout View or Page Text View to Window View incorrectly left the score grayed. The page selector in the status bar beeped after it was used and you tried to type some character. The Perform / Start Playback and Start Record menu items were incorrectly formatted.

-- Mark
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