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Old 12-08-2006, 04:32 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default The Users Guide documentation

The Users Guide documentation is now available for Notation Composer 2.0 and Musician 2.0!

Why the exclamation point? (!) I don't do the documentation until the software is done, otherwise I waste time changing the documentation to chase changes in the software. So, if the documentation is done, that means the software is done!

Well, not really. But it means that the 2.0 software isn't changing anymore. The only thing left to do before 2.0 is released is fix bugs. But I've left the small bugs and easy-to-fix bug to last. There are only a few moderately serious bugs, which I'll deal with first.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to be announcing the availability of the Users Guide. You can get it at the usual place:

Just download the Composer.chm or Musician.chm help file into your \Program Files\Notation\Composer or \Program Files\Notation\Musician directory. In Composer or Musician, choose the User Guide command in the Help menu, and the documentation will be right there on your screen.

NOTE: This Help / User Guide command is not working in version 1.9.15B or before, but will be fixed in version 1.9.16. In the mean time, double-click the Composer.chm or Musician.chm file name in its directory in order to open the Help in its own window on your computer screen.

The 2.0 Users Guide is integrated even better now with the forum. Just click the Forum icon in the top right corner of a help page, and the corresponding forum topic will temporarily replace the help page. You can browse the forum topic or other topics right there, while the table of contents of the Users Guide is still on the left side of the screen. You can easily post a question in the forum and go back to the Users Guide.

It is so easy to work with the Users Guide and Forum together than I hope you'll be tempted to sign up to do a technical review for some section of the forum that you would choose. Technical review of the documentation is something that many Composer users have volunteered to do in the past. It will be easier to do than before, because you'll be able to quickly jump from the Help topic to the corresponding Forum topic to describe any technical errors you find in the documentation.

If you're interested in doing a technical review of some portion of the Users Guide, please sign up at this forum thread: User's Guide Introduction » Volunteer technical review of the Notation 2.0 Users Guide.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to be talking about the availability of the 2.0 Users Guide... At last, finally, PDF versions of the Composer and Musician User Guides are available! You can download them also from Here's some advice, though: Don't use the PDF for on-line viewing. The Help version of the Users Guide (Composer.chm and Musician.chm) is much, much better for navigating and searching through the documentation. The PDF version is intended only for printing. In fact, I didn't even include the hyper-link option in the PDF version, because I wanted the PDF document to be optimized for printing, and because I wanted to discourage users from using the PDF version for on-line viewing, since the Help version is so much better for viewing than using Acrobat.

In a few weeks, after you all have helped me clean up technical errors in the Users Guide, it will be made available in a pre-printed format at pretty much just the cost of printing and postage.

-- Mark
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