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Old 12-13-2006, 04:15 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Do you see that claim in the s

Do you see that claim in the subject line? Version 1.9.16 is almost the final release!

I'm fairly certainly that the release will happen this weekend on Dec 16 or 17.

You can get the latest 1.9.16 release from:

Be sure to uninstall your previous beta release before you install 1.9.16. I know I've gone back and forth about whether you can install "on top" of the previous release, or must uninstall the old and completely reinstall the new. Believe me, you'll need to uninstall the old and reinstall the new this time.

This time you'll have an option between a "small" and "large" setup. The large setup includes the Help documentation in .chm file format.

Listed at the end of this announcement are the bug fixes and little enhancements in this 1.9.16 release.

What remains to be done before Musician and Composer 2.0 are officially released? Here are the main things:
  • About 100 small bugs still need to be fixed. It might seem like that is a huge number, but actually this is quick work. I saved these little bugs to last, because fixes to them are the least likely to create yet more bugs.
  • Fix remaining context-sensitive help links from the program to the Help.
  • Prepare the free Notation Player program. But I'll probably postpone that until after the initial 2.0 release.

  • IMPORTANT: It is necessary to uninstall any prior version of Notation Musician 2.0 or Composer 2.0 before installing version 1.9.16.
  • Fix bug: The option to install a desktop icon did not work.
User Guide.
  • You can now use the User Guide command in the Help menu to open the Composer or Musician Users Guide in a separate window. If you do not download or install the Help file (Composer.chm or Musician.chm) on your system, then the Help / User Guide command will take you to the documentation hosted at Notation Software's web site.
  • This web-hosted documentation provides much quicker access and convenient navigation that the previous web-hosted version of the 1.0 Users Guide did.
Context-sensitive help.
  • About 80% of the Help buttons in dialogs are now working.
  • Also, while holding the mouse over a menu item or a button in the main toolbar (but not palette buttons), you can type F1 and get help on that menu item or button.
Editing notes.
  • Fix bug: The method of entering notes with only your computer keyboard (the Sequential Note Entry Method) failed to advance to the next score location in any measure except the first. There is still a bug that the Right Arrow key sometimes incorrectly lowers the pitch by a staff position as the cursor moves to the right.
  • Fix bug: An attempt to add a note, or add an accidental to a note, in the staff of a transposed instrument resulted in an incorrect pitch if you were viewing pitches as Concert Pitch rather than as Transposed Pitch.
  • Fix bug: The NumPad + and - keys incorrectly changed the pitch of the selected note by an octave rather than a half step.
  • Fix bug: When the Grace Note Palette is displayed, and you select a tie, that tie could not then be deleted or edited.
  • Improvement: An unwanted secondary beam has now been removed in a pattern such as a dotted eighth note follow by two 32nd notes. There was an unwated double beam partially extending from the left of the two 32nd notes.
  • Improvement: The Staff / Convert Solo Notes command now works much better. Use this command to remove double-note chords in the staff of an instrument that can play only one note at a time, such as a wind instrument.
Rests. Improve behavior: If an upbeat measure is entirely rests, then instead of a whole note rest, the exact duration of the rest is displayed, such as an 8th rest for an upbeat that is an 8th duration.

Importing MIDI file.
  • Fix bug: If the MIDI file has just one track, the part was incorrectly named "<new>" instead of the name of the instrument.
  • Fix bug: The two options to (1) automatically split a keyboard track into separate right- and left-hand staves and (2) automatically move the keyboard track to the top staff position together incorrectly mixed up the order of the resulting staves.
  • Improve behavior: If an imported track has just lyrics that have been automatically hidden because they were detected as being a notice rather than really lyrics, then this track is now automatically hidden in the conductor's score.
Auto Save. Fix bug: In Musician (but not Composer), the File / Auto Save Recovery Options command did not display the options dialog box.

  • Improve behavior: When you change the name of a staff in the Staff Setup window, if there is a part with the same name, then the name of the part will be changed to the new staff name.
  • Improve behavior: The Define Parts dialog box now lists staves in the order that they appear in the conductor's score.
  • Fix bug: Upon completion of the New Song Wizard, the part for a new song, typically the Conductor's Score, was not updated in the main menu's display of the current part.
Layout and formatting.
  • Improve behavior: The button tips for Stretch Horizontal Spacing now report the current percentage stretch.
  • Improve behavior: The Page Setup dialog box field for margins now accepts a comma as a decimal point, as used in Europe. Also, the Format commands for font sizes now accepts a comma as a decimal point for font point sizes.
  • Fix bug: The Edit / Paste Special / Repeat Loops command sometimes incorrectly pasted into the wrong staff.
  • Improve behavior: The Edit / Paste Special / Insert New Measures from Clipboard (previously named Paste As Extra Measures), now inserts the new measures before rather than after the currently selected destination region.
  • Fix bug: If the Record button were clicked while playback was in progress, sometimes the playback would be interrupted. Now the Record button is ignored during playback.
  • Fix bug: The blue playback cursor disappears for the first measures during playback upon clicking of the Start of Song button or Rewind button.
Brace/bracket group name. Improve behavior: The following commands now automatically add a brace/bracket group name to the newly created multiple staves: Split Hands, Split Drums, and Piano Reduction.

Lyrics. Fix bug: The Show Karaoke Line Breaks command did not immediately update the window with the showing or hiding of the line break / and \ characters.

General user interface. Fix bug: The page scroller at the bottom of the window did not scroll to the last pages of a long score.

Built-in Internet browser.
  • Change behavior: The web page bookmark feature has been removed.
  • Fix bug: The Set Initial Web Page command did not work.
MusicXML export. Fix bugs:
  • Rests for hidden empty staves were not written.
  • Tempo changes were not written in regions of the score where the normally first shown staff was hidden as an empty staff.
  • The notehead shapes for drum notes were not written in the case of 5-line General MIDI drum staves, where triangles and inverted triangles are used to indicate sharps and flats. A natural accidental was incorrectly written for drum notes that would have a cancelation natural accidental.
  • For drum notes, the elements <unpitched> and <display-step> are now correctly exported instead of <pitch> and <step>.
  • Lyrics and instrument names and other text that has Windows code page 1252 characters in the range 128 to 255 are now written out as UTF-8 2- and 3-byte characters. However, this probably is not correctly implemented yet, because Finale 2006B displays these characters with literal values such as "=FB".

-- Mark
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