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Old 01-09-2008, 09:45 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello Notation Composer and Mu

Hello Notation Composer and Musician Users,

Notation Composer and Musician version 2.3 are now available. You can update to version 2.3 using the Software Updates command the the Help menu of Composer or Musician. You are encouraged to update to this version.

Please note: If the Help menu's Software Update fails with this error message: "Could not start the automatic update (2)", then it will be necessary for you to redownload and install a complete new purchased copy of Composer or Musician, following the instructions at

Here is a summary the enhancements and bug fixes in version 2.3:
  • Chord Chart. Guitarists use chord charts to play chords as they sing lyrics, or accompany the singing of a vocalist in the group. You can quickly prepare a chord chart, such as the one illustrated below, using the new Prepare Chord Chart command in the Part menu.
  • Note Editing (Composer only).New feature: In Add Mode, the pitch of the to-be-added note is now reported in the status bar at the bottom of the window. New Behavior: The velocity for newly added notes is now 96 by default, rather than 64. Fix bugs: In Add Mode, the Right and Left Arrow keys incorrectly moved the to-be-added note pitch up a half-step while advancing to the next beat. The Split Melody and Accompaniment command failed if the staff had a pair of upper- and lower-voice notes sharing the same pitch and location.
  • General User Interface.Fix bug: Restarting the program incorrectly left the window as minimized if it had been minimized when last exited.
  • File Saving.Fix bugs: If a MIDI file was opened, the File Save command incorrectly resaved the file as a MIDI file rather than, by default, as a Notation .not file. The File Save As MIDI command incorrectly wrote out repeats and lyrics in the case where there was only one verse bounded by start and end repeat barlines. Under Windows Vista, the Setup / Associate command did not correctly associate or unassociate Composer as the program to automatically open MIDI .mid or Karaoke .kar files. Under Windows Vista, the File Open and Save commands did not correctly default to opening the Public directory, under which the Notation\Songs and Templates directories are kept.
  • Lyrics and Karaoke.New features: A new option in the Lyric menu and palette automatically adds Karaoke line breaks where there are punctuation marks, such as period (.) and comma (,). The Measure / Edit Repetition Instructions command now automatically counts lyric verses to determine how many times a repeat section should be repeated.
  • Page Layout. Fix bugs (Musician only): The Fixed Number of Barlines Per Line command did not work. The Layout Defaults command did not work.
  • Meter.The meter dialog has been simplified.
  • Tempo.Fix bug: The option to adjust the tempo by a percentage did not work correctly for a region that did not start or end exactly at the location of an existing tempo change.
  • Playlist.Fix bug: The playlist incorrectly repeated playback of the last song in the list under certain circumstances.
  • Setup.Fix bug: If a different installation directory that the default was chosen by the user, the setup program incorrectly still installed some files and subdirectories under the default directory (\Program Files\Notation\Composer).
  • Chord Names.Fix bug: The Chord Name Display Styles command did not correctly save the user-specified default chord name display styles (such as Cmin versus Cm for minor chord).
-- Mark
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