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Old 02-07-2008, 02:46 PM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello All, I'm please

Hello All,

I'm pleased to announce Sherry Crann's promotion to the position of Product Designer at Notation Software. This promotion reflects the active role Sherry Crann has increasingly held in designing features and user interfaces for the Notation software products.

In this forum you will observe Sherry Crann's role as Product Designer on a daily basis. When you are discussing product usability problems with Sherry, she is carefully taking notes, as though she were observing an experiment, where Notation Composer or Musician is being subjected to testing, by you. You might not know this, because you might think of Sherry primarily as the delightfully friendly, and quite knowledgeable, Notation Software customer support person. You might not know that Sherry Crann communicates with me almost every day about where we should improve the products, and how we should set our priorities.

Or, perhaps that much is obvious to you, that Sherry and I discuss what new features or usability fixes should result from your feedback in the forum and the helpdesk. Maybe what isn't obvious to you is the Sherry prepares specifications of new product features, and improvements in user interfaces. For example, Sherry wrote the specification of the new chord chart feature recently introduced in Composer and Musician version 2.3. At this very moment, Sherry and I are actively discussing several major user interface improvements in the upcoming Composer 3.0, based on Sherry's first drafts of the designs.

Sherry Crann joined Notation Software on September 1, 2005. Before that time, Sherry was a well-known member of the Notation Software community forum, and active beta tester. She demonstrated her excellent communication skills in the forum as well as by editing the first Notation Composer Users Guide.

During Sherry Crann's 2-1/2 years with Notation Software, she has worn many hats, including: competently serving as the more active of the two of us in the forum and at the helpdesk; preparing content for and editing much of the web site, especially the large Community section of the web site; and managing business relationships with affiliates and other partners on the Internet.

Some earlier background: Sherry Crann earned an M.S. degree at the University of Michigan in biological chemistry, after undergraduate study at North Carolina State University. Her subsequent 12-year career at the biochemistry laboratory of the Kresge Hearing Research Institute included managing laboratory personnel, designing and overseeing studies and experiments by staff and students, and writing and editing research articles for publication. The laboratory's research focus on auditory systems is perhaps not unsurprisingly related to Sherry's love for music.

Sherry has always been actively involved with computers, including experience in programming before the days of PCs. She served as the computer support liaison in the biochemistry lab at Kresge Hearing Research Institute, coordinating the data collection by researchers with computer processing of the data.

Sherry, her husband Bill, and their children (Mahala, Aaron, Tommy and Josh), reside in an old stone farmhouse near Bad Axe, Michigan in the mid-west United States. They all enjoy making music to some degree, and it was Sherry's participation in arranging music for her church and other local groups that led to her initial interest in using MidiNotate and then Composer some years ago. She and her family actively participate in the music program at their church, and with other homeschoolers. Sherry plays bass (and other instruments) for the worship team and a few "gigs" as well. She enjoys dabbling with instrument making, which has given her a great appreciation for the craftsmen of fine instruments, and the challenges of translating the performance of those instruments digitally via computer. You may have read in our Share Your News section about their house fire last year. Sherry says that this experience has given her an even greater appreciation for the gift of making music to "oil the waters" of life, and help her keep an even tempo in the midst of turmoil.

Although this somewhat formal announcement can convey what Sherry Crann does technically, it cannot clearly convey Sherry's personal warmth, which you might only learn by talking with, or observing, Sherry in the forum.

Congratulations, Sherry, on your promotion. I greatly appreciate your contributions to the Notation products, and for your sincere advocacy of the users of these products.

Mark Walsen
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