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Using Notation Software products with other (third party) products Find out from others, or share your experience, about integrating Notation Software products with sound libraries, audio processing software, and other hardware and software products.

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Old 05-24-2005, 02:52 PM
Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy, I know the subject h


I know the subject has come up occasionally, and I thought I'd pass along a deal I found.

Scan Music currently has their "Lite" version music scanning software for only $24. It's very bare bones, but if all you want to do is to get sheet music (in my case, very old parlor music or satb hymns) into a midi file, this may be helpful. The editor is somewhat limited, but it does do a nice job of transcribing the notation, and while you're editing within the program it will concurrently highlight the original scanned image so you know exactly where you're at in the score.

My biggest gripe is that it will automatically put barlines in at the end of a set of staff lines and there is no way to delete them. And when it does that, it will "fill in" the perceived missing beats with rests. Conversely, though, you can add barlines if it missed them. I don't find this too big of a problem, however, because I'm just importing the midi into Composer Pro to work on anyway, so I just go in and copy over the notes and then delete the excess measures that leaves behind. This version also does not add lyrics.

You can find it here Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can download a demo (can't save anything) or purchase the program. They also have other higher tier products, but this struck me as useful for MidiNotate users. I find it to be so

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