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Old 02-25-2005, 09:15 PM
Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy, I had posted this pi


I had posted this piece previously in the discussion in Mark's blog section about sharing music, but I'll re-post here, and give a little more explanation about this piece.

I'm not a keyboard player by any means, but I use my old Casio (which now has two Cs out of commission, and does not have semi-weighted keys, nor any controller sliders, but it still does midi ) keyboard to record the rhythms of a melody into Composer, such as the melody for Communion Aire.

<center><table border=1><tr><td>Communion Aire file for soundfonts and sound cards
Communion Aire soundfont.not (44.6 k)</td></tr></table></center>

I composed the melody on my whistle (they're diatonic, they're easy ), and used that as the basis for what I played into the keyboard. After playing in the rhythms (and some horrendously wrong pitches ), I then went note-to-note using the "select/tab" method to edit each note to the correct pitch. I then played it back, and though it's a bit "stiff" (I recorded with a metronome so I could get decent sheet music, which is what I wanted), it is essentially what I play on my whistle. When I perform this piece live, I do add more grace notes, as is typical of whistling.

I also play guitar (my main instrument, probably tied with bass these days), and as I listened to the melody, I could hear a guitar part in my head. I jotted down the chords, entered them using the "chord names", and there was my sheet music, all ready to perform (we have another guitarist at church, so he plays the guitar while I play whistle).

I'd been messing around a bit with GPO (Garritan Personal Orchestra), and was using this piece as a sort of test case for some things. I added the bass notes and a few passing notes for the cello part, the full chords for the string section, and some arpeggiated chords for the harp. I entered these parts all with the "point and click" method.

I haven't done much of anything else with this piece to enhance the performance. I'm planning to re-do some of the arpeggios to make them "fit" better with the melody line, and to add some dynamics to the strings, along with a little more "space" for a more live feel. When I get that done, I'll post the final result as a GPO performance at the site listed below.

I had to do a few things differently, mainly controllers, to get the different performances that you can hear as mp3s at For the soundcard performance, I used my soundcard's recording capabilities (SB Audigy 2) along with it's default sounds to record the MidiNotate Composer performance. For the soundfont, I used the Chaos GM soundfont in SynthFont ( and rendered it to WAV (I was also comparing recording methods). For the GPO, I used the recording capability in the new Kontakt player that is bundled with GPO to record the performance from MidiNotate Composer.

The name Beanfield Castle is meant as a joke, btw. We live in an old (109+ years) stone farmhouse in the middle of a beanfield (or corn, oats, wheat, or sugar beets, depending on the rotation), and just that morning I had made a comment to someone about "our castle in the beanfield". The SoundClick website required a band name, and I thought it presumptious of myself (not necessarily of others, though) to just put my name, and Beanfield Castle was the first thing that came to mind. So go ahead and laugh - you're supposed to And it's good for you ;)

And all of this was powered by semi-sweet chocolate

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