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Old 04-29-2005, 11:25 AM
Tim Fatchen (flyingtadpole)
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Default Work is still getting in the w

Work is still getting in the way of music, but I finally cleaned up the production on a batch of my favourites and put it out on CD

The CD is "Tidewater", and is available at CDBaby (and eventually, locally here in Oz):

Music is acoustic piano and electronic keyboard, neoclassical/new age/celtic new age, mainly quiet and pensive

Half the tracks (5/10) were built with Midinotate Composer: the three synth keyboard tracks and two of the acoustic tracks. "Built" means either originally worked out on, developed on, or used to produce sheet music used for re-input or performance. I'll leave to the listener the attempt to work out which ones are live performances and which the Midinotate sequencer at work (the right answer will surprise you).

Regulars will be delighted to hear I don't sing anywhere on it...

Some of the acoustic was recorded during a dinner party, so there are some, let us say, character-building moments.

All songs are and will remain streaming for 2 minutes or their length, whichever is first, on CDBaby. Most of the songs are still present elsewhere on the web, generally as earlier or pre-master versions, either as free downloads at or on
but I'll be pulling the songs shortly to start a new run, so if you like the streams, rush to the free site and download the 192kps versions before they vanish!!!

OK: that's the pitch, here are the reasons...I'm interested in seeing whether I can get a trickle royalty stream out of digital distribution, and CDBaby seems the cheapest way to enter the pool. But to do it, there has to be a real honest-to-goodness a CD there now is.

The few who've heard the music locally include a local gallery with a lot of tourist through-traffic, so we're starting negotiation to sell there (I'm amazed but I keep a straight face).

But work really gets in the way: I haven't even started getting any promotional stuff through, not even a simple website. So it'll all just shamble on, but it's difficult to work on website design when you're 300 miles from anywhere, and 600 miles away from your nice machine and synthesiser and piano, entertaining the local dingoes while the flies attempt an airlift during the day and the mosquitoes at night...but Midinotate lurks on my laptop, and strangely, things do get worked on...
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