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Old 10-22-2004, 06:44 AM
viv rendall
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Default Hi Mark, How I would have lov

Hi Mark,
How I would have loved to have had Midi notate composer 35 yrs ago when I attempted arranging three pieces of music for 15 piece orchestra and singers for a concert. I have played the violin nearly all my life and in that time I never really studied theory seriously. I found arranging from a piano score and then copying parts extremely hard going. It was an after work exercise and caused much friction with my family as all normal family input was dropped whilst doing it. The pressure was so great I decided I would never do it again (arranging) I still play the violin of course though very little now for other reasons. I am 69 now and when I came upon midinotate recently it gave me a new reason to become active again both in playing and arranging and perhaps even composing. I have now arranged 8 pieces from midi scores (all ensemble) for piano and violin and it's absolutely magic to see the notation go on the screen and to be able to print out the parts. One piece was particularly challenging because it had 3 and 4 running melodies and to retain the flavor of it they all needed to be there as well as the harmony and rhythm. Well maybe I could have changed the flavor, but I didn't like that idea. There have been some bugs in the software but I'm sorry I didn't take note of what they were other than seeing a window saying that the software has run into problems and will be shut down. An improvement in my opinion would be to make it just as easy to write a tempo variation e.g. rall., a tempo on the music as it is to write FF, or PF etc by either drop down menu or pallet as at the moment there appaers to be no easy way to do this other than to type it in. I would like to say Mark you have done a wonderful job with this software! And I'm glad you have.

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