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Old 08-10-2008, 09:02 PM
Alex Shields (alexshields)
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Default I am glad this forum exists wi

I am glad this forum exists with the title (Your Overall Impressions and How You Use Notation Software), so I can say exactly what I think.

Negative first:
1. I am absolutely astonished that such a buggy program is sold commercially. These days, I tend to find that commercial software is generally low in bugs. (Except for video games. Video games are loaded with bugs until they're patched.) It amazes me that Notation Composer is so heavily laden with bugs.
2. I am absolutely astonished that one version of Notation Composer is made to patch the previous version, and the new version brings new bugs. In other words, version X is made, and new bugs were introduced. Version Y is made to patch version X, but version Y has whole new bugs.
3. I am actually considering not buying Notation Composer because of the prevalence of so many bugs.
4. Might I suggest extensive regression testing for all new versions of Notation Composer?
5. Version 2.5.1 has a certain new bug in it which renders it unusable to me, so I uninstalled it and went back to version 2.4.2. I'm still using the trial versions only.
6. Most (or all?) of the accents and articulations do nothing, which I can live without, but it would be nice if they did something.

The positive points are unnecessary to state, but I'll state them anyway:
1. One of the most important things for my musical composing is to be able to transpose individual notes. Notation Composer allows that and allows it fairly nicely.
2. The interface is nice.
3. In comparison to other music composition software, I prefer the traditional staff music composing method as opposed to the piano-roll method, or the tracker method. I can't stand those other two. So stuff like Notation Composer is preferable to me.
4. Even with the unbelievably large number of bugs, it still works well enough that I like it. However, if I buy it, I'll want to use 2.4.2 rather than 2.5.1.
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