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Share news about music Do you have some news about music that you'd like to share with others? Here's the place.

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Old 06-20-2002, 04:05 AM
David Tao (dkt)
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Default I just discovered MidiNotate t

I just discovered MidiNotate today, so this is a bit premature, but I am impressed by its features. I have for a long time used Cakewalk Pro Audio as a sequencer, and have printed scores from it (though printing is not its forte). But I've had no (affordable) way to share the score with the eight other members of my a cappella singing group. I've e-mailed them MIDI files, which they have listened to (via WIndows Media player), but that's listening only, and they have no way to "tweak" the music (e.g., to emphasize their own part), so I had to create custom versions for each person, boosting the volume of their part.

But MidiNotate, with its reasonable pricing, may be a way to do so. I would create MIDI files and e-mail them to the group. They would each have a registered version of MidiNotate with which they could listen to, view, and print the scores. They could alter the tempo and volume of the parts (and solo their own). We live far apart, and can't rehearse very often, so this would allow me to share "works in progress" as well as finished scores, without the hassle and expense of printing and photocopying and snail mailing.

I've asked the members to download the trial version and let me know what they think. If we end up using it, I'm sure I'll be back here to post a lot more in the future.

BTW, it's nice to be able to have message board conversations with the developer. I am a software developer myself, and listening to customers electronically is very important and also rewarding.

Wish me luck!
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