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Using Notation Software products with other (third party) products Find out from others, or share your experience, about integrating Notation Software products with sound libraries, audio processing software, and other hardware and software products.

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Old 10-25-2012, 08:20 PM
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Default Moderate Latency with MIDI Keyboard

I'm using an old MIDI KeyBoard (sorry I forget the name) that my daughter used years ago.

I'm using a TASCAM US-144MKII External Interface with a T420 Lenovo Laptop running Windows 7 x64.

To my surpize I just plugged it in and started Notation Composer and it Worked.

But the Latency is just bad enough to be annoying.

I've read through the threads on latency like this one.

But my TASCAM US-144MKII does support ASIO so I should not need ASIO4ALL, right?

My question is if I apply the "Click the box to UNcheck it that says [Open for MIDI output."] and my Interface supports ASIO, do I really need other tools ( LoopBe and SynthFont).

Could you explain a little more why?

Will I get no sound when I "uncheck Open for MIDI output", and I have to replace it with something that has low latency?

Is the Latency a Playback problem? If it is and Notation supports ASIO and my interface supports ASIO why is there a latency problem?

Or is the Latency problem the "MIDI Synthesizer built into Windows 7"?

Just trying to understand it all, I like minimalist solutions and it is partly why I use the TASCAM Interface because it does support ASIO.

I assume once I'm done I can mute say the Left Hand Piano Staff and Just play along while watching Notation play the Right Hand etc.

Not interested in Recording just yet.

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