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Old 02-18-2009, 12:17 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default About Notation Software's Recession Specials

Whether you are a long time customer of Notation Software, or a recent one, you probably have noticed our unusual Recession Special discounts, and might be wondering what the state of affairs at Notation Software are.

First, I’d like to assure all of our friends and customers that Notation Software is doing well so far during this nasty recession. I’ll fully admit that we have to work harder on just the business side of things to bring in the same revenue, especially given our Recession Special discount. I’ve delayed some development efforts in order to manage a current project to release an entirely new website; the new website should not only help to improve our sales but also better support our customers.

Several development projects have been in the works, some for more than two years, including an interesting plugin, better sound support, and an entirely new product—all which will be released this year… and that’s even if we don’t bring another developer on board.

What’s the deal with the current high discount of Notation Software’s Recession Special? Is this a desperate move by a sinking business? No. The Recession Specials are specifically designed to benefit the type of customers that Notation Software nurtures.

Over many years, Notation Software (founded in 1994) has zeroed in on a special mission to serve everyday musicians, particularly those who read music notation (regardless of genre of music). When it was clear that the world, not just the U.S., was in an especially strong economic recession, I found it not only disappointing that Notation Software would be losing new customers who were having tougher economic times, but also sad that these potential customers would be forgoing the enjoyment of our music software when they might especially benefit from the joys of making music. I’m serious about this. I’m not a slick marketing guy. If I were, I would have been doing something else full-time during the last 14+ years than developing software for fellow musicians, which honestly doesn’t pay very well.

I see this nasty recession as something that has come crashing down hard on a large percentage of us. We’re in this together. Except for the most unfortunate who hunger, we’ll pull through ok. We’ll reconsider our values, what is important to us, particularly family and friends. Music is up there pretty high in what many of us value. Music is good. It doesn’t cost anything to sing or play on an instrument, yet it brings pleasure to us.

In that spirit, it just makes sense to me to offer steep discounts during the recession, so that new customers who might not otherwise be able to afford our Notation Software products can indeed afford it, and also so that we can bring in these new customers and extend our community.

To add your comments to this post, please visit this corresponding thread in the "Trade Notes with Your Fellow Musicians / Discuss philosophy of music software" section of the forum.

-- Mark


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