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Old 04-21-2007, 11:27 AM
Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy folks, Thanks so much

Howdy folks,

Thanks so much for all the prayers and good thoughts - we are blessed indeed We also greatly appreciate those of you who made inquiries and donated to help replace our vehicles. You have no idea what a blessing that is, as the car insurance didn't give us very much at all because of the age of the vehicles.

We have been able to purchase two - one for $1 That one was a "beater" Honda Civic that one of Bill's work buddies was about to junk - he told Bill he'd sell it to him for $1 so he'd have something to get him to work and back without renting, and to take the pressure off for having to replace that one so soon. We put new tires on it, and had a bit of work done on it, and it's livable as a work-commuter vehicle.

The other vehicle is a minivan - a Honda Odyssey. Bill had done a lot of research on reliability and all (he's a materials engineer for an automotive company), and found that these had a fantastic record (it's used). They're really expensive up here, and frowned upon further south from us (we live in Michigan, home of The Motor City). So we were following a lot of them on eBay Motors, and this one came up with a "buy it now" price that was lower than a lot of the lower level models were going for in open-ended auctions. We looked up all the info on it, and it came up clean, so we went for it. It's located in Cleveland, Ohio (about a 6 hour drive from here), so we have to go get it. My Mom has been up helping us out during our "out of home" experience, so when she heads home to North Carolina on Monday, Bill is going to ride with her and she'll drop him off at the dealership to pick it up.

We have the rest of the house all cleaned up now, and they've started removing debris from the porch and kitchen. They can't start on the garage area yet because the independent investigator who came out found a suspicious "arcing track" about 6 inches from the kennel heater unit, which suggests it may have been the cause of the fire, and they may pursue the manufacturer for the costs associated with our reconstruction and replacement. So we're getting started, but I'd love for them to be able to get all that stuff out (including the Molten Metal Sculptures aka dead cars) so the smell will go away. But we'll just have to be a little more patient

So today we're moving back home, after two weeks exactly in the hotel. We're happy to be doing that, and the guys who started cleaning out debris yesterday are fast - if the rest of the contractor's group moves like that, we should have the kitchen and porch rebuilt quite quickly, weather permitting. We're really thankful to be going home. The very small downside, relatively speaking, is that we won't have internet service at home til May 11, so I'll be even more sporadic in my communication here.

On the upside, though, it will be like Christmas quite often. The crew that came through and helped clean didn't necessarily put everything back like it was, so we'll be getting surprises finding things

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