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Old 02-26-2005, 11:08 PM
Clyde (clyde)
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Default Hi all, Over the past few y

Hi all,
Over the past few years the cost of having your own web page and domain name has reduced considerably, and in fact cost as little as $100 pa.

Doing it yourself gives you a lot more flexibility than relying on free sites.

Directing traffic to you site is not that difficult, as:
(a) Listing with Google is free,
(b) Use the free sites (eg, to point to your website
(c) Search the internet for sites that link to your type of music, and have a link placed there.

It will start slowly, but its surprising who picks up your site and links to it.

The steps to creating your own site are:

<u>1. Get your own Domain name.</u> This is a simple process - with a small annual fee. In Australia for example a good site to get a domain name is: Other countries have similiar services.
Note: its important to get your domain name first, for that will stay with your web page regardless of where it is actually hosted. It is the name you want the search engines and other sites to know you as, as it wont change)

<u>2. Get a hosting site for your web page.</u> These days you can find many sites that offer 1Gb of disc space for less than $4pm (US). An Australian hosting site that I use is:
Note: Make sure your hosting site also offers sites to for business, for if they do, they are more likely have sorted out their relibility issues. Some cheap sites can be unreliable - you get what you pay for

<u>3. Get some WYSIWYG web page software</u>, and create your own pages. Its fun. Four years ago, I knew nothing about web pages - its all fairly straightforward.

For those with some programming flair, learning HTML is not at all hard. Once that is mastered, then javascript, PHP, MySQL etc all open up new areas of interesting challenges.

I'm self-taught in this area, and the two web pages I've done are my own ( and my Church's ( I'm happy to discuss the issue further with people, if they are interested.


cheers ... Clyde
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