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Old 07-02-2017, 02:46 PM
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Default Re: Still cannot get sound

Hi, Gatley:

Had limited Internet connection on July 1, so this is a day late.

So, I think that your device isn't showing up in the midi ports list.

(Just to clear up terminology: "instrument" in midi terms is a particular sound that a synth can make, as in Piano, Violin, Lead 5 (charang) and so on and which you can choose through the Staff Setup dialogue. A "device" is a synth, either hardware or software, that can play the voice. A "port" is a connection, again, either hardware or software that passes the data from your computer (that is, from the Composer software) to your device. So you assign a "device" to a "port" in the Midi Configuration dialogue (you don't absolutely have to, but it helps), then choose the "device" and its "voice" (along with midi channel) in the Staff Setup dialogue.) (And I won't even mention Continuous Controllers, System Exclusive and Registered and Non-RegisteredParameters )

Can you play it in other software -- you mentioned Cakewalk? If so, then it installs properly on your system. Although I recall an instance or two when there was trouble getting Composer to recognize a device, it's pretty rare -- Composer is very robust in that regard. So we can almost certainly get it working for you.

I think it would be helpful if you could attach a screen shot of the Configuration Dialogue, then we can see where we are.

Having said that, I tried to attach a shot of a part of my Midi Config screen to show you what I'm talking about, but we're having too much rain and electrical activity here to let me.

Instead, I've uploaded it to a special page on one of my websites and you can look at it there.

Note, about half-way down, that Yamaha DGX-300/500 is highlighted in green. That is the default output device. In your case, it's probably the Notation Software Synth, right now. In my case, the Yamaha device is connected to the External Port 2-2(UM-3G(2)). Your config won't be nearly as complicated.

The grey box with the red circle will light up when it gets input on that device/port. The boxes with the light green/blue circles can be clicked on to disable output to the corresponding Midi channel on that port/device.

Anyway, if you can try to upload a screen grab, we can see where you stand.


On July 1, Gatley said:
Hi David thanks for the reply.I go to port set up get a window that shows midi in and midi out and this still does not work. If I go to configuration I get a window which the only way I could explain would be to somehow send a screen shot.I cannot find anywhere a list of instruments. I have tried to work through your instructions on how to reconfigure but I am not computer literate to be able to do this.My only option is to find a computer guy who is also a musician to help me and this will be difficult.
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