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Old 03-17-2015, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: More than 16 MIDI channels?


Yes, you can have more than 16 instruments but you'll need more than a single output device. You will need (1) virtual MIDI cables (plural) (2) a soft synth or instrument library of some kind and (3) a "host" for opening multiple instances of the synth(s)/library(ies).

For example, I use LoopBe30 for my virtual MIDI cables, Reaper as my "host", and can open multiple instances of Aria or SynthFont VSTi.
For each instance of the synth/library, I use a different cable - eg. 1. Internal MIDI, 2. Internal MIDI, etc.

Doing that, you can have Instance 1 of SynthFont loaded with a particular sound font (or assign a different font to individual channels - lots of flexibility!), Instance 2 loaded with a different set, etc. For each instance, you have 16 channels and as long as you keep the assignments straight in Composer, you can edit each staff separately.

There are other hosts and cables available out there - you can Search in this forum for "virtual MIDI cable" and get some good resource links, and those are usually posted together with soft synth info as well.

Hope this helps,
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