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Using Notation Software products with other (third party) products Find out from others, or share your experience, about integrating Notation Software products with sound libraries, audio processing software, and other hardware and software products.

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Old 05-03-2013, 11:57 PM
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Default Re: Importing Soundfonts into Notation Midi Files

Hi David

the sense of your feedback is not lost upon me and I thank you for mentioning the brand name and model of your fantabulous SuperSynth which I will go and buy next week when the pension cheque comes in...........just kidding! lol

I should have mentioned that I am approaching 70 and that a bloke called Arthur Itis dropped by in recent months and has rendered my fingers unable to play guitar as I once did. For that reason I am somewhat confined to purely using microphone, mouse and keyboard to create music and song.

It appears that if I am to exact improved sound change to my Notation Compositions I have work out a simple routine to follow which includes being able to better know what Base Synth or VST etc. to select thence and load into Synthfont, then to progress into track-by-track (instrument) selection, thence manipulation of pan etc. and all things that affect timbre. Thence to save the finished arrangement.

I now know what you meant by "Skull Sweat" being necessary.

Problem is, I am already old and wrinkly and severely de-hydrated !

Never mind about the fancy Yamahasynth...........Could you please come up with a " NotacompSynVstillate" Re-Hydrating Solution for me?

Here's is how I produce my finished Mp3 and .wav files.
If you have any simple suggestions as to how I can do other things to get a more true to life instrumentation output I would really appreciate it.

Compose score in Notation Composer on my Laptop using the inbuilt midi instrument bank.

Play the Audio out from the Laptop headphone socket via a stereo lead into the SB Audigy soundcard in my Desktop PC with Audacity up and running. I record the stereo track having set the VU to a little below zero.

Next, I may, (but usually do not now as I found it often made things sound even worse) muck about with compression, equalization and limiting.
I tend to use Fade in and Fade out and Amplify/De-amplify more than anything else.

I then save all compositions as Audacity files, Mp3 and .wav, and I always create a 35 second long Mp3 sample which is taken from the beginning of the Music or Song, to send out as samplers.
Those Mp3 files are what I upload for digital downloading sales at and have done so into my fledgling website under construction.

If I want to create physical CD's, the .wav's are then loaded into Windows Media Player and burned to CD on my Desktop PC.

To me this appears to be so simplistic compared to what others like yourself appear to be doing to get a final outcome for digital distribution that I really must be missing something of vital importance if I am to otherwise create the best "Audio-acceptability" for my works that I have always wanted to. I have visited your website and was very impressed with what I heard. There is obviously an art to all of this Synth stuff.

If it is of interest to you hear some of my works(produced exactly by the method outlined above) so that you can comment further, please feel free to visit same via these links or find more about me and my music via a Google search on: Poppa Madison

Cheers, David I really do appreciate you giving of your time and sharing your experience with me.


© ♯♪♫ ♂PM

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