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Old 12-21-2006, 08:19 PM
Alek Yasko (kombrig)
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Default Merry Christmas, gentlemen!

Merry Christmas, gentlemen!

I want to invite you to the new CHRISTMAS THREAD. And under this CHRISTMAS THREAD you can find your Christmas Gift!

I ain't really satisfied by vector of our discussion: SOME LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES...
Let's live it alone, my friends. You're understand what I'm saying and I can perfectly understand you. That would be enough...

Fred wrote:
--There is nothing to correct!! I wouldn't change a thing! That's the beauty of your expressions.--

I'm happy to hear it, Fred! But perhaps my irony was to thin and you couldn't catch it... I'm not complain and pity myself. On a contrary, I kind of proud that I could get English to this level without any help!

And I think I know why my posts is so amusing for you.
You see, each language has a certain logic to forming of centences and expressions. So, when I speak or write on some different language, this logic has appear - whether I want it or not.

And one more little thing. I guess that I am a naturally born entertainer. THE SHOWMAN! That's why, whatever I do: play the music for people or communicate with somebody - I immediately get a sympathy of my listeners.

David Jacklin wrote:
--...anybody who speaks a second language at any level deserves respect!
...And the fact that you've simply picked it up along the way is probably the best way to learn to speak a language.--

That's what I'm talking about!

--The English she is a funny language, no?--

I disagree. This is the most BEAUTIFULLY SOUNDS language in the World!
And I enjoy to speak and be able to write on it!
The funny thing is this. 9 from 10 people, who's having a conversation with me are thinking that I am French or Basque or a Canadian French?!?!
It's because of my accent, which has nothing in common with Russian's - an extremely brutal! - accent.

Herbert wrote:
--If you wish to do some serious writing for the forum, such as a lecture in your special field, I can offer you a Foreign Language Filter to convert your text into almost perfect Oxford English.--

Thanks for the offer, my friend! But I'm not so self-confident - to write long lectures to the forum. I'm not going to do this...
I'm happy to be able answering your questions - that's all.

And let's cut this discussion, gentlemen.
Let's talk about our passion: THE MUSIC!

I'm going to propose you to come to the SWING THREAD. There is the place for very productive discussion...

Be happy.
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