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Old 01-04-2012, 07:09 PM
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Default Question: which tutorial video should be next?

Hi friends,

The holiday season is settling out, as well as some other items that take up my time, and I'm getting ready to plunge back into making some more Tutorial Videos. My question is: which topic should we address next?

My "cheat sheet" list is as follows:

  • Using the Rebar feature - recording a new file without a metronome or using a "found" file recorded without a metronome, and then fixing the barlines to give usable sheet music.
  • Note editing - shifting, cleaning up recordings, simplifying the notation ("cleanup"), changing pitch and adding accidentals (using palette buttons as well as pitch-shifting)
  • Music symbols in the score (show the Notes/Ornaments, Notes/Accents and articulations, Text/Symbols, Expressions, and Lines)
  • Two-hand recording in Notation Composer, and splitting hands for keyboard staves for easy two-hand piano parts. (partly done in Recording with a metronome)
  • Piano helps: Splitting hands (and shifting notes to other staff), Pedal marks, creating piano reductions (touch on and refer to separate video)
  • Creating Piano reductions from multi-instrument files - tips and tricks for getting playable reductions.
  • Graph Over Notes - using this feature to affect the performance of a file, eg. for creating backing tracks or for demonstrating what your performance annotations are intended to do to the performance of the piece by real musicians.
  • MIDI Device Configuration commons tasks - eg. backing up configurations, importing an .ins file, manually changing instrument patch names, drum instrument names, etc.
  • Saving/exporting filetypes (and "printing" PDFs)
  • Parts - what is the difference between "part" and "staff", and how to create parts using the Wizard as well as Part/Display or define part.
  • "Cheater" tabs using Lyrics - this is touched on in the "Practice" video - maybe an expansion?

Some of these (eg. all the Parts tips and piano helps) relate to both Notation Musician and Notation Composer while others (eg. recording or most of the note editing) are only for Notation Composer.

Let me know (in a reply to this thread) what you would like to see next. I want to get the ones done that will help out the most folks first.

Music is to the soul like water is to green growing things.
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