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Using Notation Software products with other (third party) products Find out from others, or share your experience, about integrating Notation Software products with sound libraries, audio processing software, and other hardware and software products.

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Old 03-03-2010, 10:34 PM
Mark W Mark W is offline
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Default Re: Is this finally the answer to converting audio to midi - even chords ?

Hello Adrian,

Another little clue that the world of polyphonic note recognition is with us (and ever improving) I received this e-mail today:
Play a chord and the PolyTune will show you which strings are out of tune immediately.

like a useful gadget !

In ten years' time... a program that can transcribe an full orchestra ?
Yes, a guitar chord recognition tool is definitely useful for the purpose describe in the name of this tool: Polyphonic Guitar Tune.

However, recognizing a single chord played on the guitar is child's play compared to recognizing a stream of notes played on the guitar. The latter is what Melodyne Editor by Celemony already does pretty well.

In ten year's time, will there be a program that can transcribe a full orchestra? I suspect not. I would be thrilled if in 10 years there were a program that could transcribe orchestral music as well as Melodyne Editor today can transcribe polyphonic instruments (piano, guitar), voice (!) and very small ensembles. I had been waiting for the entire life-span of Notation Software (15 years) polyphonic transcription, and had given up hope a couple years ago that I'd ever see anything as good as what Celemony has now delivered with the Melodyne Editor.

I haven't seen the Polyphonic Guitar Tuner used, so I won't make any assessment about whether it does well at its claimed job of recognizing singularly played chords. Even if it does a fantastic job at that, though, that accomplishment is almost almost irrelevant to our hope for good note recognition (transcription) of audio stream data.

-- Mark
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