Using Musician's Internet Browsing Window

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Using Musician's Internet Browsing Window

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In order to download a MIDI file, Karaoke file, or Zip file from the Internet, you need to first navigate to a web site that offers these files.

TIP: Due to the ongoing enhancements and updates of modern browsers, we strongly encourage you to use your favorite browser for finding and downloading music files.  You can set this option by clicking File/...choose internet browser.  Then click to check "Your system internet browser" to have Musician use your usual browser to look for files.


prcarrow To start browsing for MIDI files on the Internet:

B88Click  File -> Download MIDI files from the internet.  

You can instruct Musician to always initially open some particular web page by using the Set Initial Web Page command.


The following instructions are for using the built-in web browser in Musician.


prcarrow To navigate to other web pages on the Internet:

B89Position the mouse over highlighted text. Near the bottom of the browse window, you will see a web page location. If you click the mouse on the highlighted text, the browser will take you to that location.

-- OR --

B810Type in the location (URL) of the web page in the "Location" box near the top of the page. It is not necessary for you to type in the leading "http://" characters. Press the ENTER key to complete the entry of the location.

-- OR --

B812To view the previous web page that you last visited, click the Back BrowseInternetPrevPage button. If you have browsed back to a previous web page and want to return to the more recently reviewed page, click the Forward BrowseInternetNextPage button.

-- OR --

B813Click the down arrow at the right side of the "Location" box to list the most recent web pages you have visited. Then click one of the web page locations in the list to view the page again.


prcarrow To interrupt the downloading of a web page:

B815Click the browsestopbutton button. This option is handy if the web page is taking too much time to download, which sometimes happens if the web site offering the page is temporarily not working or too busy.


prcarrow To exit the browser:

B815Click the ExitButton button.

-- OR --

B815In the Window menu or File menu, choose the Close Window command.

-- OR --

B815Type CTRL+F4.