Specifying the Initial Web Page for Browsing

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Specifying the Initial Web Page for Browsing

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This information is only when using Musician's built-in internet browser. For other browser's you can simply use bookmarks or whatever settings you have available for visiting favorite sites.

When you use the Browse Internet for MIDI Files command in the File menu to start searching for MIDI files on the Internet, Musician will first take you to Notation Software's web page with suggestions for searching for .mid and .kar files. You can specify a different default web page. Then, whenever you use the Browse command, Musician will first take you to that web page instead.

prcarrow To specify the initial web page for browsing:

1.In the browser window, navigate to the web page that you wish to establish as the initial web page for browsing.
2.In the Preferences menu of the browser window, choose the Set Initial Web Page command.
3.The dialog box will display the web page location (URL) for the page you are currently viewing. You can enter a different web page location if the currently viewed page is not the one you want.
4.Click the OK button.