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Large blocks of black are displayed instead of music notation symbols. How can I fix this?

If a Notation product displays large blocks of black instead of music notation symbols, then the explanation is very likely one of the following, for which each has a solution to the problem:

1. If you have had to uninstall and reinstall your Notation Software product, sometimes the Harmony . ttf file may not reinstall properly. To install the Harmony font, first you can download just the font fromĀ https://www.notation.com/download/HARMONY_.TTF

2. Next, open the Fonts folder in the Windows Control Panel. Then copy and paste, or drag and drop, the Harmony font file to the Fonts folder. Windows will carry out the installation of the font automatically.

Also, Notation has a font problem under the following circumstances:

1. The score displays chord names.

2. The font size for the chord names differs from that of the music notation font.

You can work around this problem by making the font size of the chord names the same as that of the music notation font, as follows:
Choose the Font Size and Spacing command in the Score menu.

Choose the Font Setup command in the Font Size and Spacing dialog box.

Set the point size for Music Symbols and Chord Names to be the same. They can be the same number (eg, 10), or they both can be set to Use Default Point Size.