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Ensemble templates - when I use "Create New" in Notation Composer, the ensemble list is empty. What do I do?

For some reason the ensemble template files that were installed with your software are no longer recognized.  You can manually install the template files by following the instructions below.  A zip file which includes all the original template files for Notation Software programs is located at https://www.notation.com/download/NS-Templates.zip

Template files are really just .not files which are stored in the Templates folder, so that when Notation Composer opens the file, it creates a new copy of the file for you work on, and keeps the original template .not unchanged, unless you specifically save any changes as a template file.

To manually put template files into the Template folder on your computer:

1.  Download the NS-Templates . zip file.

2.  Unzip the file into the appropriate "Templates" folder.

Please unzip the templates into C:\Users\Public\Documents\Notation_X\Templates, where X is the version number which you use.
If you are unable for any reason to put the files into the above folders, you can do the following:

1. Unzip NS-Templates . zip into any folder on your machine.

2. Run Notation Composer and use File/Open to open the template you want to use.

3. Immediately (before doing any work) use File/Save as Template to save it to the Template folder. 

You can then continue to work with the file, changing the key signature, etc, just as you normally would.  The template that you saved will then be available in the ensemble list the next time that you use "Create new."