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Why does my antivirus software show a problem with my download link?

Sometimes antivirus software will display a "false positive" for executable (.exe) files.  This "false positive", or reporting a problem when there is not really a virus, is mainly due to extra vigilance on the part of the antivirus software detection.  It is much better to be safe and double-check for a virus rather than to overlook such reports.  Notation Software has safeguards in place to ensure that all downloads from our website are virus-free, so you can be assured that we respect your safety as much as we do our own.

If your antivirus software reports that any download from our website (or anywhere else) contains a virus, there is a free service called VirusTotal that will test such downloaded files for you using a variety of antivirus applications.  If a number of these applications report that there is a virus present, then it is most likely a true report.  However, if only one of them reports a problem (eg. Avira), then it is highly likely that the report is a false positive, and there is no real virus present.

If you have any concerns or questions about a file that you download from our website, please contact us at https://www.notation.com/KB_Communication.php