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Redownload Purchased Software

Redownloads of installation files for licenses of our older versions 1 and 2 of our software are no longer available.

Redownloads of version 3 and later are not needed for reinstalling the software on the registered machine - you can use the safe backup that you made when first installing the software.  For details on backing up your software (in case of catastrophic failures) or restoring your software (in case of unintentional uninstallations) please see www(dot)notation(dot)com/ComposerDocsX/installing_midinotate.htm (for Composer ) or www(dot)notation(dot)com/MusicianDocsX/installing_midinotate.htm (for Musician) where "X" is the main version number (eg. 4) of your software license.

To request a redownload of your software please visit our page at https://www.notation.com/UpgradeOrder.php , enter your email address, follow the instructions, and at Step 3 select to request a transfer of your license. This will send you an email form to fill out and return to us with your request.

For the unsupported version 3 a fee for a redownload is required.