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Installation is aborting about 2/3 through.

One of the more common reasons for the installation aborting about 2/3 of the way through is that the network adapter is disabled (turned "off") and needs to be enabled.

The following are the steps to disable/re-enable the drivers:

1. From Windows Control panel, go to Device Manager - you should be able to start typing "Device Manager" and have the option come up for you to click on.

2. Look for the "Network Adapters" in the list.

3. Right-click on each one that is listed, and then see if the option "Enable" is available. If so, click it. If the "Enable" option isn't on the list, then click the "Disable" option (and "yes" in the popup asking if you want to); after the list refreshes, right-click that adapter again and then click "Enable". Hopefully this will reset it.

4. Now try running the installation file (it should still be intact on your machine). If you need to redownload the installation file, please visit https://www.notation.com/UpgradeOrder.php and follow the instructions to request a redownload of your software installation file.

If the above steps do not remedy the situation, please contact us at https://www.notation.com/KB_Communication.php