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How can I reduce the number of pages that Notation uses to print a song?

Notation products offer many ways to reduce the number of pages in a printed score:

If the score shows parts for instruments other than the one you wish to print its part, then use the Part "drop list" to select just your instrument part. You can also easily use the Part/Define part dialog to create a Part score that has only a few instruments that you select.

If the score is for an ensemble, and some instruments are not playing some of the time and therefore have wasted staves with nothing but rests, then use the Hide Empty Staves command in the Staff menu.

Choose an overall smaller font size for notes and text by choosing the "Def" button within the Text tab (or Text menu). Note, if you click the Zoom Out button in the toolbar, that only temporarily affects what you see on the screen, not what is printed.

Use the Horizontal stretch tools in the Layout tab (or Layout menu) to choose a compression factor of less than 100%. For example, try 75%. This squeezes notes closer together horizontally across the page.

See our Tutorial on Formatting the Score at https://www.notation.com/TutorialVideos.php for more tips and tricks.