Hiding Rests

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Hiding Rests

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Sometimes it is useful to hide rests. One common case is where you want to force the stem direction of a note in the opposite of its natural direction. For example, in a vocal part, you might want to force the stem directions of all notes up, even though some of the noteheads lie above the middle staff line:


A second example where hidden rests are useful is in tests for music students, where you want to leave space for the student to add notes by pen or pencil:


A third case is where you can use hidden rests to create extra horizontal space between two notes. (A future version of Composer will have direct support for spacing between two notes.) For example, you can add hidden rests in an upper or lower voice to create extra space for a note that appears to be in a single voice rather than opposite voice:


prcarrow To hide rests:

1.Select one or more rests.

To select many rests in a region (a range of measures in one or more staves), first select the region, by using Ctrl + Drag, or by selecting an entire staff, or by using the Select Region command in the Region menu. Then choose the Convert Region to Selection of Rests command in the Region menu.


TIP:  Whole measure rests cannot be selected. To hide a whole measure rest, first divide the whole measure rest by adding a smaller rest at the beginning of the measure. Then select the resulting divided rests in that measure and hide them according to the remaining steps of this procedure.


2.Choose the Hide Rest command in the Rest menu.

-- OR --

Click the Hide Rest HideRestButton button in the Rest Palette.

-- OR --

Type "h" for "hide rest".

The rest(s) will be temporarily revealed in gray rather than black:


4.To un-reveal the hidden notes, toggle off the check mark for Reveal Hidden Rests in the Rest menu.

-- OR --

Toggle of the Reveal Hidden Rests RevealHiddenRestsButton button in the Rest Palette.

-- OR --

Type "r" to toggle off "reveal hidden rests".