Editing the Rhythms of Notes

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Editing the Rhythms of Notes

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With Composer, you can edit the rhythms of notes, as displayed in the score, independently of how they are actually performed during playback. This way, you can preserve the "feeling" of your original live recording of the notes, or of the originally imported MIDI file. Alternatively, you can also choose to change the performance so that it exactly matches, or closely matches, the notation. Thus, Composer offers you a high degree of control over both the notation and the performance of notes.

Using the Piano Roll Notation option, you can explicitly:

B8edit just the notated locations and duration of notes
B8edit just the performed attacks and releases of notes
B8edit both the notated and performed locations and durations of notes  (this is the default setting)

The topics that follow describe procedures for editing the location and duration of notes:

B8        Editing Note Location (Attack)

B8        Editing Note Duration

B8        Editing Triplets and Quintuplets

B8        Editing Swing Notation

B8        Combining Separate Notes into Chords