Determining the Loudness of a New Note

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Determining the Loudness of a New Note

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The loudness of a note can range from 1 to 127. This is the MIDI note-on velocity. When you add a note, its loudness will be 64, by default. You can change this default by following this general procedure:

prcarrow To specify the loudness for newly added notes:

1.Click the Note Velocity tab.
2.In the "Loudness" menu choose the Set Loudness for New Notes command.
3.Enter the loudness value, and check the "Use the above loudness (MIDI velocity) for all newly added notes" option.
4.Click "Ok" to save and exit.        


After this, any note that you subsequently add will have the loudness that you saved.

The above procedure is described in detail in Editing the Loudness of Notes.