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Learn to Read Music Notation with Notation Musician

"I'm at the point where I'd be lost with out this software. I've made more progress than I had any right to imagine" - Thomas Spillman (read more)

notation musician can help you learn to ready music notation more easily and quickly. Use Musician as an accompanist for vocal or solo instrument practice, and for listening to learn.

  1. Find and download the MIDI file for a song you know using Musician's internal browser, or use your favorite browser and search engine (just use the song name and "MIDI" in the search box.).
  2. Musician immediately converts it to sheet music, displayed on the screen.
  3. Use Musician's Part drop-list on the menu bar to show only the voice or instrument part you want to learn.
  4. Let Musician highlight notes and lyrics as it plays back the song. A vertical cursor moves across the score on beat, to help you keep time.

  5. Have Musician slow down the tempo, even as slowly as one tenth of the normal playback speed, so you can more easily see the notes and understand the rhythms.
  6. You will soon start to associate the notation you see with the notes you hear.
  7. Using Musician as a tool to learn music notation is particularly effective if you are also studying music with a teacher or friend.
  8. You can also print out the sheet music, with Musician's smart formatting giving you quality sheet music.

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Home Musicians

notation musician and notation composer create the best notation scores from MIDI files. You can play along with "the band" at your convenience.

With notation composer, you can also customize the sheet music to add your own special flavor to a song.

Performing Musicians

With notation musician you can print sheet music for yourself and print parts for members of your vocal or instrumental group.

notation composer adds the ability to rearrange the music and have complete control over the sound of every note.

Song Writers and Composers

Use notation composer to create music from scratch, so you can focus on making music instead of drawing notation.

You can create sheet music with your MIDI instrument, mouse, or computer keyboard. Editing notation is a breeze, too.