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Old 01-17-2010, 12:06 AM
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Arrow Beta testing for version 2.6 - volunteers needed

Hi friends,

We are happy to announce some significant development efforts here at Notation Software, and we would appreciate your help

The next version release of Notation Musician and Notation Composer (2.6) will include some bug fixes and improvements.

New Chord Name tools: There will be some nice additions to the Chord Name tools, which some of you have suggested.

New "Rebar" Feature: Notation Composer will also have a new feature that allows you to adjust the barlines in files that were created without reference to a metronome. If you've ever opened a file and it sounded great, but the notation was messy, or the beat cursor moved differently than when you tapped the tempo for what you heard, then you've come across this type of file. With the new "Rebar" feature, you will be able to tap in the barlines by tapping along with the song, and also make any fine adjustments you may need. You can also "zoom" in to fine-tune any measures that may have tempo changes within the measure. This means that when recording into Composer, you will no longer have to be right on the tempo. You will be able to make your recording, and then make any barline adjustments that you need without re-recording the music.

Given the nature of this release, we are asking for some beta tester volunteers with the following qualifications:
1. Enthusiasm

2. Currently a Composer user (Musician users should know that the bug fixes will also apply to Musician, but we'll be doing all testing in Composer to keep things simpler and faster.)

3. Either has some metronomeless files to work with, or can record files to work with using a MIDI instrument.

4. Willing to participate in and contribute to discussions by reporting problems and suggesting improvements for this new feature.

5. Willing to test bug fixes and report any remaining problems.
We want to use a cross section of our musicians, and we want to be efficient in this testing phase so we can get this new version into the hands of all our musicians. Therefore, if there is a huge response there is the possibility that we won't need everyone who may want to volunteer for this round. We really appreciate all of you who want to contribute to making Notation Software products the best they can be for all our musicians. We plan to have other rounds of beta testing for future releases as well And as always, we listen to our customers in the forum, at the helpdesk, and via direct email.

If you are interested in being a beta tester for the upcoming version 2.6 release, please use the "Contact us" button at the bottom of any forum page and let us know (1) that you're interested and (2) your Forum username and (3) your email address. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more information. When we have enough beta testers for this round, I'll announce that here as well.

I'm also happy to announce that this new 2.6 release will be a free update for current version 2.0 - 2.5.2 users. Sort of a "Happy New Year" thing

Music is to the soul like water is to green growing things.

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