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Old 06-15-2010, 03:13 AM
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Smile Version 2.6 of all Notation Software products now available

Hello Notation Software friends,

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.6. We would like to thank those of you who contributed to this effort by submitting suggestions and problem reports, as well as all those who contributed to the testing effort during these last few months. We rely heavily on feedback from you as musicians who use the software, and we appreciate the time and effort you put into helping us improve it!

If you are currently using version 2.0 - 2.5.2 of any Notation Software product, we strongly encourage you to install the free update to version 2.6. You can currently redownload the full installation file. We are working to get the Help/Software Updates mechanism working, and that should happen soon.

If you're using one of the older MidiNotate line of Notation Software products, you can purchase a discounted upgrade to the version 2.6 Notation product of your choice by clicking here.

If you have comments or questions about this 2.6 release, please post them in the Questions area. If you have any problems to report, please post those in the "Bug reports" area.

The following new features and improvements are included in
Notation Musician and Notation Composer version 2.6.


The best MIDI-to-notation transcription software is even better!

  • The main transcription engine has been improved for even better accuracy and musical readability of the transcribed score. Using MIDI files you find on the Internet, or your own MIDI recordings, the quality of the transcribed score is better in version 2.6 than ever before.

Improved Chord Name Transcription and Editing
  • There are a number of major improvements in the entry and analysis of chord names, to give you more accurate results immediately.
  • The simplified Chord Name Analysis dialog makes it easier to get the chord names you want for your song file.
  • The chord notes analysis has been improved to give more accurate chord names.
  • The new Chord Builder dialog lets you see and hear the notes for the chord names you are entering. You can also use your MIDI keyboard to enter chord names by playing them on your keyboard.
  • The new Paste Chord Names command allows you to copy just the chord names from a region and then paste them to another selected region for quick chord name entry if you already know the chord names you want in the score.
  • You can now change the Enharmonic Spelling of chord names, to give alternate chord names that might be more familiar to you or your band members.

Tap-In Delay Detection for MIDI Devices
  • This new feature allows you to calibrate the MIDI playback device(s) on your machine so that you hear the notes exactly when they highlight, even if you are unable to locate the delay time (latency) value in your instrument manual or in an Internet search.

Improved behavior when editing large files
  • Large files are now processed more quickly, with quicker editing response time and quicker file opening.

More flexible Easy Notes (Pitch Name) display options
  • Aspiring musicians can now select whether to show Easy Notes (pitch name noteheads) staves with or without a key signature, as well as with or without courtesy accidentals.

The innovative Rebar feature lets you adjust barlines and rhythms for MIDI recordings lacking accurate barlines.
  • Record into Notation Composer freely at your MIDI keyboard without a metronome, and then easily add the barlines in the right place later with the new Rebar feature.
  • You may have come across a .mid file that has a beautiful performance, but the notation in Composer was a mess, or the Tempo Cursor did not match up with the beats during playback. The new Rebar feature allows you to use your eyes and ears to edit the barlines for measures, or individual beats for measures, to give you readable sheet music from such "metronomeless" .mid files or recordings.
  • All of the fine playback details of tempo and rhythms are preserved, even as you dramatically correct the barlines and rhythms with the new Rebar feature.

Improved notation and performance editing integration
  • The default behavior of Notation Composer is now that on opening a file, any adjustments you make to the notation will affect both the notation and the performance of the notes. You can still use the Piano Roll's "Edit only as-notated" or "Edit only as-performed" features to edit one without the other.


Bug Fixes in this version 2.6 release


The following bugs have been fixed.

  • Practice feature - fixed problems with playback of a practice session and clarified the wording of the dialog.
  • Repeats and endings playback - under certain specific conditions playback of some repeats and endings did not perform correctly.
  • Playback highlighting of lyrics - under certain specific conditions lyrics did not highlight correctly during repeat playback.
  • "Ghost" chord names - under some conditions a chord name that had been deleted or was on a previous page would reappear during playback.
  • Auto-channel did not work properly with a number of MIDI devices. All staves now have specific channel number assignments.

  • Collapse Ties command - better performance, and better feedback in cases where cross-voicing of notes occurs and the user should set the voice to either upper or lower for both "sides" of the note.
  • Start-and-end barline button did not work properly.
  • Slurs - Up and Down command buttons for proper placement of the slur were not working.
  • (Musician) Split Hands command did not work in certain instances.
  • (Composer) Tempo - better feedback in the Set Tempo in Region dialog, problem with copying/pasting of tempo graph into a region, and odd-meter tempo reporting.
  • (Composer) Recording - visual distortion of the "live" piano roll if extra measures were needed during recording.

User Interface
  • Page Text button in Layout tab incorrectly went to Notes & Rests tab.
  • (Musician) Some misplaced or missing rollover tooltips.
  • (Musician) Direct navigation from the Notes & Rests palette to the Layout palette was not working.
  • (Composer) Pitch letter did not change in the Status Bar when editing to change the pitch of the note.
  • (Composer) Removed confusing "Show graph", "Show Piano Roll" and "Show Note Velocity" buttons from the main toolbar. These data can be viewed via commands in the "View" menu. Therefore it is more clear that these commands are for viewing only (not editing). (Editing these performance parameters is still done via their respective tabs.)

File handling
  • Deleting a staff name and saving the file, the file would not reopen in 2.5.2.
  • Improved the Autosave of working files - if a file was "Saved as . . ." with a different filename during the course of working on it, the backups continued to be saved with the old filename. Now the Autosave uses the newly assigned filename for subsequent autosave backups.
  • Backward compatibility - particular files created with earlier versions of the software would not open in 2.5.2
  • Trying to open the file GraphicalEditingTutorial.not gave an error message in some configurations.

General application
  • Sometimes exiting the Users Guide caused the program to minimize and it would be difficult to maximize again.

Users Guide
  • Fixed existing errors and updated topics to reflect changes in the software.

As mentioned above, if you have comments or questions, please post them in the Questions area. If you have any problems to report, please post those in the "Bug reports" area.

The Notation Software team
Music is to the soul like water is to green growing things.


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