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Using Notation Software products with other (third party) products Find out from others, or share your experience, about integrating Notation Software products with sound libraries, audio processing software, and other hardware and software products.

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Old 01-08-2006, 09:38 PM
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Default Sherry: Thanks for getting


Thanks for getting me started.

I spent the better part of the weekend applying the Tutorial to my test file, adding the chord notation, then correcting the guesses. I had a hard time moving the notes that had been applied to the RH melody to the LH chords. The "shift-down-key" changed staves OK but often missed the chord and then I had to mess around trying to relocate the note to the top of the chord. As a cop-out, I wasted some time trying to move the notes around, by deleting them and adding them, only to find out that I need "Composer" to "add" notes. I ended up with a bunch of meaningless "rests" which I didn't know how to clean up.

My final product is a bit of a mess, as I get the "Soloist Part (BB)" printed with every measure. I couldn't quite figure out how to remove it by editing "free text". Also, I never was able to figure out how to put four measures on a line, no matter what "font" size or "Zoom Out" I used.

It is fun learning the piano using these "jazzy" pieces, but it means I just can't play the melody line and chords from the Lead Sheet. I have to develop more musicality and need to improvise over the chord changes. BAIB has been great for learning the chords and melody line and MusicNotate would make it possible for me to see how my teacher embellishes the music. Together they would make a powerful learning tool for beginners like me.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I should proceed?

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