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Old 02-01-2007, 01:18 AM
Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello Notation Composer and Mu

Hello Notation Composer and Musician Users,

Maintenance Release Version 2.0.2 of Notation Composer and Notation Musician has been released. If you are using version 2.0 or 2.0.1, you can update to version 2.0.2 quickly using a patch. For instructions, please visit or

The fixes and improvements in version 2.0.2 are:

File saving and reopening. Fix bug: In some special circumstances, a file could not be reopened after it was saved. Those files can now be reopened without any problem.

Importing MIDI file. Fix bug: If the program recommended "tracks right-hand and left-hand should be moved to the top", but the tracks were already the top staves, then acceptance of that recommendation resulted in a failure in which Notation then poorly misbehaved, such as with screen display problems.

Parts. Backward compatibility with Composer 1.0/1.1 has been improved in the area of parts. For a give Notation .not file, the most recent set of staves you worked with will be initially displayed when you open the .not file in Composer 2.0. If the part had not been named in the 1.x .not file, then that part will automatically given the name "Working Part".

Auto-Save. Fix bug: A new song created with the New Song Wizard was incorrectly auto-saved with the file name "-Recover1.not" rather than "Song1-Recove1r.not".

Playback. Change behavior of volume adjustment slider: when it is moved right of center, it now leaves the volume of the unselected tracks at their normal level rather than decreases their volume.

Recording. Fix bug: If recording is done in an empty staves, and if the Metronome is not turned on, then the notes are correctly displayed as red rectangles as they are recorded, but upon completion of the recording, the new notes are lost.

Note editing. Fix bug: The command to change the pitch of a note by an octave sometimes resulted in an unexpected enharmonic spelling change, under these circumstances: (1) the note belongs to an instrument that has transposed pitches, but (2) the score or part is currently displayed in concert pitch.

Hide empty staves. This command in the Format menu has been renamed Hide Resting Staves, to clarify that it hides only individual staves (lines) that have all rests.

Barlines. Fix bug: In some rare cases barlines incorrectly extended below the bottom staff.

Split hands. Fix bug: The Split Hands command sometimes resulted in a program hang.

Drum notation. The Split Drums command has been changed to the way in worked in version 1.x, where the name of each drum instrument was shown to the left of its 1-line staff, instead of a single "Drums" name for all of the 1-line staves grouped together with a bracket.

MIDI editing. Controllers 7 (channel volume) and 64 (sustain pedal) have been added to the list of numeric controls, even though these common controllers also have their own MIDI graph editing tools in Composer.

-- Mark
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