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Old 11-08-2010, 02:59 PM
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Default Re: Ability to import MusicXML and/or ABC

I am not quite sure what confusion you are about. I guess every user has different imaginations on what a program should do - it's not the program that decides what people need - does it?

Well, you and me too would like to import music XML and probably other formats into Notation - without loss and the need reconstructing data that was there before. Better access to more content is for sure always desirable. I am sure improvements will be done, maybe not instantly.

Notation has a well balanced feature set for creating score, playing along, learning, editing midi and some other useful purposes. I think this mix makes it so interesting.

Free tools often focus on certain aspects only (because making software is more work than some might imagine) and you have to combine many of them to get what you want. It's often too much compromising either. If we turn to shareware, some bucks here and there can easily turn out to a higher expense for a less functional set of stuff as you can get with a solution like Composer. In this regard I agree as well.

However, if you set other price levels you can get more for more, like Notion 3 which is a kind of reference to me when it comes to the combination of score, performance and production. There are similar functions to mute or display selections of staffs, there is a full audio mixing console and it comes with built in orchestra samples from London Symphony Orchestra which surpasses almost any free SF2 based sound system I have tried - not to mention the default synth in windows... If you want all that the price of Notion 3 is a no brainer too...

Finally everyone has to find out which product suits his needs best.

I have decided for myself too that Notation Composer does enough of what I want and need. One thing I like is the integration of editing midi without going into the hex code aspect, event lists and the like... I also like playing along or recording my improvisation performance into Composer for practice and see the score showing up so close to what I imagined.

I think the charming aspect of Notation Software is it does not try to go into extremes - focusing on features that helps most musicians to a reasonable extent in a well balanced mixture.

But finally you can't discuss taste - from my experience that never worked...
...and keep on jamming... :p
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