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Old 11-07-2016, 06:14 PM
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Default Missing notation features


My daughter is studying for a music degree and she got this music technology assignment, to accurately recreate some sheet music using "any" music notation software. So I downloaded the latest notation composer preview because I still find this piece of software the most intuitive notation software I have ever tried.

First of all I got stuck into this excerpt of modern piano music, as far as I can see there are 3 main stumbling blocks preventing it from being done in composer in order to pass the assignment:
1. Can't create the octave down bass clef
2. Can't pick the appropriate dotted quaver/semiquaver beam groups for any of the meters so composer gets confused right away with the first bar right hand, I can't figure out how to convert those beamed notes back to the dotted quaver I inserted.
3. Can't create any of the tuplets
4. Can't display tuplet ratios
5. Can't display tuplet brackets.

Second part of the assignment is a Brahms excerpt in 3/8.
Noticed beams across both bars and staves right away and still can't find a way of doing this in composer. On a closer look there are some more issues:
1. Can't figure out how to draw beams across bars
2. Can't figure out how to draw beams across staves
3. Can't figure out how to draw courtesy accidentals without brackets
4. Can't figure out how to draw bar 10 right hand without using 3 voices, but composer only has two.
5. It doesn't seem to want to draw the combined dotted quaver+3x semiquaver beams used in bars 4 and 9-13. Is this another beam group issue?

The other requirement for both parts of this assignment was to use the same layout as in the example, i.e. on the Brahms 3 bars on the first row, 4 on the second, 3 on the third etc.
Since I couldn't finish this excerpt in composer either I can only assume that this is possible.

While I was at it I also checked arpeggios across staves - it is a feature I come across quite frequently, this also seems not implemented yet.

My question is this - are any (or all) of these features in the queue for being implemented? I hate having to revert to sibelius / finale every single time something like this needs to be done. Take hiding rests for example, used extensively in that Brahms. It took me all of 10 seconds to find in composer. Took significantly longer in finale.

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arpeggio, bars, beams, staves, tuplet

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